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Message  Jean-Louis le Mer 28 Nov - 11:56

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CMT stays close to their "Spliced Take" concept on this new release, although this is an album which stands on its own.
While editing this album they have made all songs "blending in" so you will get the feeling as if you are in the actual session with no pauses.
All tracks from the "Stax Sessions" have been included in this 2 cd set.

One of the highlights is a breathtaking version of "Sweet Angeline" which has a longer intro and an instrumental break featuring Kathy Westmoreland,
Other must haves are longer intro's for "Just A Little Bit" and "I Got A Feeling in My Body" and a new ending for "It's Midnight"
Rehearsals go straight into the songs, and there are some funny portions mixed in.
If you liked the previous CMT releases you will LOVE this one, and we guarantee it will not leave your player before (and after) 2019!!


You Don't Come Back - spliced take 1,2,5
It's Different Now - Rehearsal
Three Corn Patches - Spliced take 5,6,10
Take Good Care of Her  - FS/take 3a
Find Out What's Happening -  - Spliced take 1,2,4,5
I've Got A Thing About You Baby  - Spliced take 6,7,11,14,11
Just A Little Bit  - Spliced take 1,2
Raised On Rock - take 10  (rough mix)
For Ole Time Sake -  - Spliced take 6,4
Girl of Mine  - Spliced take 1,6
Sweet Angeline - Alternate Master
I Miss You - Spliced take 12,10
Are You Sincere - Spliced take 2,1

Good Bad But Beautiful - Instrumental Track
Color My Rainbow - Instrumental Track
The Wonders You Perform  - Instrumental Track

CD2: "December"

I've Got A Feeling in My Body - Spliced take  1,4
It's Midnight - Spliced take  7,11,9,9
You Asked Me To - - Spliced take  1,2A,3B,2A,3B
If You Talk In Your Sleep - Spliced take 5,6
Mr. Songman - Spliced take 3,5,2
Thinking About You - Spliced take 4/rehearsal
Love Song of the Year - Spliced take 6,7
Help Me - FS/take 1 *
My Boy - Spliced take 1,2
Loving Arms - - Spliced take 2/Rehearsal
Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues - Spliced take 4,6
Talk About the Good Times - Spliced take 1,2,3
Promised Land - Spliced take 3,4,5
Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming - Spliced take 8,10
There's A Honky Tonk Angel - Spliced take 5,3,8  *
If That Isn't Love - Spliced take 6,7
Spanish Eyes - Spliced take 3,2
She Wears My Ring - Spliced funny portions/take 8


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Re: STAX POWER Sample:

Message  cjelvis le Jeu 29 Nov - 20:19

Enfin, il était temps que ça se termine !!! Very Happy


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Re: STAX POWER Sample:

Message  micounet le Jeu 29 Nov - 21:54

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] a écrit:Enfin, il était temps que ça se termine !!! Very Happy

Bah perso, je pense que tu n'as pas fini d'en manger du "Spliced", c'est devenu une mode ces derniers temps ! lol!

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Re: STAX POWER Sample:

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